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Questions? Here’s questions we’re often asked about our metal products. Find answers below…

Strapping isn't necessarily required unless installing over shingles. If installing over solid sheeting, synthetic underlayment is required.

Either method is acceptable, however the vast majority of installers fasten through the rib. For that reason, by default 2" screws are supplied. 1" screws are also available.

The paint specification is for 40 years for peeling or cracking, and 30 years for fading or chalking.

Under normal circumstances, orders can be completed within 3-5 business days.

We are a manufacturer and do not install our product.

The raw material we use for metal roofing is produced and painted in North America only. The majority is painted at Baycoat in Hamilton, ON, with some also being painted at a coil coater in the US.

The difference between galvanized steel and Galvalume steel is in the metallic coating applied to the steel. Galvanized coating consists of 100% zinc, while Galvalume coating is a mixture of approximately 55% aluminum, 45% zinc, and trace amounts of silicon.

The paint on pre-painted steel is applied to either galvanized or Galvalume substrate, so coloured steel has all the benefits of Galvalume / galvanized plus the protection and beauty of colour.

We do not paint in-house. The majority of our steel is painted at Baycoat in Hamilton, ON, with the balance being painted in the US.

In most circumstances it is acceptable to install steel roofing over shingles. The roof structure must be strong enough to support the extra weight of one or more layers of shingles. Strapping should be used if the shingles are to remain.

The maximum centre-to-centre distance for strapping is 24".

The paint specification is 40 years for peeling or cracking, and 30 years for fading or chalking.

The steel is strong enough to support the weight of an average person walking.